PortalScript Scheduler™

Trigger your scripts on a regular basis

PortalScript Scheduler™


  • Lets you trigger scripts from Cantemo Portal™ repetitively.
  • Triggers any kind of scripts:
    • PortalScript™
    • Python script
    • Bash,...
  • Create or edit tasks definition using a very simple IHM
  • Heartbit interval: 1 minute


  • Integration scripts connecting to a server every hour
  • Purge items scripts triggered every night
  • Reporting script sending reports on a weekly basis.
  • Backup script executed every night

Task list

Display all task defined

Manage your tasks easily in a standard user-interface.

Task detail

Define which script to trigger

Each task triggers a script, and have an execution status. A task may be desactivated temporarely if necessary. In case of execution error in your script, the Reporting tab will describe the issue.

Task execution plan

Define your execution plan

The execution plan defines how frequently you script should be triggered and on what basis.
  • DELTA: Execution base on time interval (every 2 hours)
  • FIXED_HOUR: Fixed hour execution (every day at 2:00AM)
  • SINGLE: Execute task only once