Extend and automate Cantemo Portal


PortalScript™ extends Cantemo Portal feature set by providing:
  • Some new interactive features
  • Scripting language dedicated to Portal
  • New web-services dedicated to system integration


Available APIs

  • Items
  • Metadata
  • Shapes
  • Collections
  • ACL
  • Thumbnails
  • Jobs
  • Storage
  • Item relations
  • Subtitles

Object oriented results

No XML parsing, every command returns a structured object

Error Management

Strong error management routines to make your script debugging easier

Script execution supervision

PortalScript™ provides an execution environement which handles:
  • configuration files
  • logs files
  • script execution monitoring

Automatic field name mapping

PortalScript remapping of internal Portal field names (portal_mf5787) into simple real names to make your developer life easier.

Folder Ingest

Import a full folder and link imported items

Folder Ingest lets you import all files contained in a folder in one command.

Furthermore, you will be able to either place imported items into a collection, or create item-relationship.

Item relations

Link items to each other and navigate

PortalScript™ lets you create and visualize item relationships. Those relations can be created using a PortalScript command or via Folder Ingest.

A simple click, and you navigate through your items.

Execution Token

Monitor you script execution

PortalScript™ provides a tool to monitor your script execution.

A simple API let you create and update execution tokens. Your users will be able to monitor the result in Cantemo Portal administration part.


Build new web-services to integrate your MAM

PortalScript™ will allow you to create new web-services. This will help you integrate your MAM project into your global Information system or with some of your productivity tools.

Folder ingest

Photoshop integration